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09-08-2022 20:06

Stephen Mifsud Stephen Mifsud

I have found an interesting aspergillus on flowers

06-08-2022 22:20

Marcus Yeo

I found this ascomycete today on dead leaves of Er

16-07-2022 17:01

Zetti Mario

Hi, I am doing some work with microfungi and durin

02-08-2022 17:48

Pierre-Yves Julien

Récolte le 31/07/2022 – Ozoir-la-Ferrière (77)

06-08-2022 20:43

Louis DENY

Au bord d'un étang près de Belfort (alt 400m) su

05-08-2022 13:22

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

near Snasa, on mixed lawn with Nowellia curvifolia

05-08-2022 08:43

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Un líquen sobre la corteza de un tronco de p

07-08-2022 01:57

Stefan Jakobsson

A light-coloured Hymenoscyphus growing on a cone o

13-07-2022 23:27

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Un liquen cortícola fotografiado este pasado

05-08-2022 13:58

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

on decorticated branch of surely Betula (as there

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Enrique Rubio, 02-11-2021 12:33
Enrique RubioHi forum
This Geopora up to 50 mm in diameter, completely free and open, grew under Corylus avellana on a basic soil.
The spores are ellipsoidal, always bigutulate, with obtuse rounded poles and with lateral walls tending to be parallel. No key to the genus has been satisfactory to me in attempting to resolve this collection and only Benkert's key (Z. Mykol., 2010) offers me the possibility of Sepultaria veselskyi Svrcek, a smaller carbonicolous species. Do you have any ideas that could help me?
Many thaks in advance
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Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 03-11-2021 18:55
Re : Geopora
Hola Enrique.
I think it will be hard to obtain a good answer to your request... although your collection is interesting.
A very hard genus :-(
Enrique Rubio, 03-11-2021 19:02
Enrique Rubio
Re : Geopora
Hi Nicolas
Yes, I know.
Thank you.