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09-09-2022 16:18


Hello.Any idea of the genus of this hyphomycete (s

05-09-2022 14:30

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hi, this is Patellaria crassispora, right? The ex

04-09-2022 09:35

Anna Klos

Goodmorning, this is the first time on this forum,

06-09-2022 23:22

Andreas Gminder Andreas Gminder

Hello,today I found on a submersed Picea stem this

06-09-2022 09:42

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello, we've found this nice Orbilia which looks

04-12-2016 03:46

Peter Püwert Peter Püwert

Hello all,found on dead stems of Dryopteris filis-

03-09-2022 12:28

Marcus Yeo

Here is another discomycete growing on dead leaves

02-08-2022 17:48

Pierre-Yves Julien

Récolte le 31/07/2022 – Ozoir-la-Ferrière (77)

04-09-2022 01:39

Michael Haldeman

Hello,I was wondering if anyone had an idea what t

30-08-2022 16:20

Andgelo Mombert Andgelo Mombert

Bonjour, Est-il possible de mettre un nom sur cet

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Aquatic hyphomycete?
Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 09-09-2022 16:18
Nicolas VAN VOORENHello.
Any idea of the genus of this hyphomycete (see attached pictures), supposed to be aquatic? Collected on another fungus growing very near a stream, in montainous area.
  • message #73826
  • message #73826
Martin Bemmann, 09-09-2022 16:46
Martin Bemmann
Re : Aquatic hyphomycete?
Dear Nicolas,

maybe Mycocentrospora could be a path.


Martin Bemmann, 09-09-2022 18:28
Martin Bemmann
Re : Aquatic hyphomycete?
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Chris Yeates, 09-09-2022 19:03
Chris Yeates
Re : Aquatic hyphomycete?
Martin is correct I know this species well. Like a lot of these fungi it is not exclusively aquatic, it's also a well-known plant pathogen.
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Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 09-09-2022 19:15
Re : Aquatic hyphomycete?
Thanks Martin and Chris. Interesting.