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05-12-2019 19:35

Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren

Dear colleagues, I was wondering if anyone could

20-09-2022 20:14

James Mitchell

Hello,Does anyone have this one:Matsushima, T. 200

20-09-2022 06:36

Juuso Äikäs

Related to my recent Ombrophila tetracladia find,

19-09-2022 07:40

Juuso Äikäs

These rather small (up to 0.8 mm) beige Hymenoscyp

19-09-2022 12:46

Gonzalez Garcia Marta

Buenas días,Me gustaría conocer la opinión de a

17-09-2022 16:43

Nick Aplin

Salut à tous (et en particulier Zotto!),I collect

15-09-2022 06:57

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hello,please, what could be this little asco accom

16-09-2022 17:35

Guy Buddy

Hello,Does anyone recognize this fungus fruiting f

15-09-2022 14:37

Bibiane Fortier Bibiane Fortier

Ces pézizes ont poussé sur un gland de chêne ab

15-09-2022 08:09

Juuso Äikäs

I found some small (ca. 2 mm wide) white Ombrophil

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Locquin 1981
Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, 05-12-2019 19:35
Dear colleagues,

I was wondering if anyone could provide a pdf of this paper:

Loquin MV 1981. Entaxie, taxotropie, néguentropie, valeur et qualité en taxinomie généralisée. Ark´All Communications 7(2): 45-86.

I know Zotto asked for it before, but it seems that nobody had it and it is very difficult to find. It turns out that Locquin cited for the first time many family names there, and though it is very unlikely, we want make sure that they were not validly published.

Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.

Warm regards,

Martin Bemmann, 05-12-2019 20:17
Martin Bemmann
Re : Locquin 1981
Hi Ibai,

this publication seems to be very hard to find. Even at the homepage of the editors it is not available, even not to members:

Thus it is cited mostly with the remark "not seen" or "n. vid." and  Loquin's Mycologie generale et structurale, Paris 1984 is cited as a substitute.


Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren, 11-12-2019 16:30
Re : Locquin 1981
Dear Martin,

Many thanks for your answer. I was hoping that somebody would have it. I will go on trying and post it here if I ever succeed.


James Mitchell, 21-09-2022 20:25
Re : Locquin 1981
Hi Ibai,

I got my hands on a scan of it (, but as far as I can tell, he did not publish any new taxa at all.  I wonder then what Locquin was indicating in his 1984 book....