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02-01-2020 11:40

Robin Isaksson

Found this one i with moss in sand 20 meters from

17-01-2020 07:47

Alain Delannoy

Bonjour,Sur bois dur et sec de Fagus ( buche)Chair

17-01-2020 10:04

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Encontramos esta especimen en rama de gramineaNo p

27-12-2019 04:11

Koszka Attila

On dead, still attached Sambucus-twig. Spores 6,5

16-01-2020 23:29

Andreas Gminder Andreas Gminder

Hello,yesterday we found a small salmon coloured t

17-01-2020 06:04

Ethan Crenson

Hello everyone,From NYC, a friend found a small br

14-01-2020 22:02

Stip Helleman Stip Helleman

Hallo, can someone helpe getting this article?Gre

15-01-2020 22:42

Ethan Crenson

Hello, Last weekend in New York City I collected

15-01-2020 19:00

Angel Pintos Angel Pintos

Hello, anybody has ?Serenomyces associated with pa

15-01-2020 18:14

jean claude chasle

Bonsoir,Récolté le 7 / 01 / 2020, sur tige morte

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Roseodiscus formosus confirmation
Robin Isaksson, 02-01-2020 11:40
Found this one i with moss in sand 20 meters from the sea in southern Sweden some days ago.
I think this one fit with R. formosus.
spores in water is 14-16x4-4,5 um some with two cells and it seams like its a gel coating.
asci react orange-red and many spores react red at the endes.
parafysen are long slim and broadensa little at the tip.


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Stip Helleman, 17-01-2020 22:20
Stip Helleman
Re : Roseodiscus formosus confirmation
Hallo Robin,

I see your topic now for the first time, I think you are right although microscopy is not very clear. THe glycogene guttules in the spores fits well together with measurements. A gel coating we did not observe but is not strange in Helotiales with ejection and disappear quick afterwards.


Robin Isaksson, 17-01-2020 22:57
Re : Roseodiscus formosus confirmation

Thank you for the comment.