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Bonjour tous Although I have yet to spot the asco

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Dear forum members,Scutellina found in disturbed s

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Found last weekend on the same branch as the Orbil

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I would like to know your opinion about this Peziz

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Hot off the (digital) press - this is an important

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Good nightSomebody has a valid e-mail of Erich Zim

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Bonjour, En regardant un Mollisia sur une Cupule

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Ascodesmis nigricans?
Chris Yeates, 09-06-2019 16:05
Chris Yeates
Bonjour tous

Although I have yet to spot the ascomata I have found three groups of eight spores in a mount. The substrate is the small droppings of young sheep in neutral grassland.

The distinctive ornamented ascospores led me to Ascodesmis, and, after consulting Le Gal and Doveri, I think almost certainly Ascodesmis nigricans based on:

Ascospore size - 10.9-12 x 8.9-9.4µm

Broadly elliptical ascospores - Qe = 1.2-1.3

Ascospore ornamentation - not forming a reticulum but formed of irregular warts often capitate/flat topped

As I have not collected an Ascodesmis to date, and as there are few UK records I would welcome any comments.


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Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 09-06-2019 16:16
Re : Ascodesmis nigricans?
Altough the size is in the low range, the shape and ornamentation lead to A. nigricans.
Michel Delpont, 09-06-2019 16:36
Michel Delpont
Re : Ascodesmis nigricans?
Pas de problème, c'est bien a mon avis A.nigricans ! Jolies photos !

Chris Yeates, 09-06-2019 17:19
Chris Yeates
Re : Ascodesmis nigricans?
Merci Beaucoup Nicolas et Michel

Je viens de localiser la monographie de van Brummelen dans Persoonia 11: et ses images sont très utiles. Il est toujours bon de trouver quelque chose pour la première fois - surtout quand on ne s'y attend pas.