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29-06-2019 15:10

Peter Thompson

Hello Everyone,I have found a puzzling ascomycete

08-07-2019 21:03

Guy Buddy

Im curious if this is a Helminthosporium sp. Found

08-07-2019 19:58

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Hi, These small apothecia were growing on dead So

08-07-2019 11:37

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola a todos/asAdjunto fotos de unas Scutellinia r

08-07-2019 21:07

Guy Buddy

Fruiting from a dead cherry leaf

01-07-2019 11:51

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Nocesito ayuda para mis dudas con dos especies En

29-06-2019 17:19

Petra Eimann Petra Eimann

Hello together, need some help. Found on 12.05.201

05-07-2019 16:06

Tanja Böhning Tanja Böhning

Hallo,   Mich ärgert wieder einer - gesammelt

29-06-2019 17:59

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

De ayer en estiercol  vacunoTengo unas dudas con

05-07-2019 08:13

Marcel Vega

Hi, I am looking for 1 kilo of oranges from Icela

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Black Asco Immersed in Stem of Carex
Peter Thompson, 29-06-2019 15:10
Hello Everyone,

I have found a puzzling ascomycete with tiny spheres embedded just beneath the surface of a sedge stem, within an alder and willow carr environment. The perithecia are scattered, with ostioles just piercing the surface of their host.

The spores begin hyaline, filled with drops and with one central septum. By the time that they mature they have  become olivaceous brown with three septa. They typically measure between 35 to 37.5 x 8 um. The 8-spored asci do not react to lugol.

I have attached a photo of the fruit bodies as seen, peppering their host. Also, a photo, under immersion oil, of immature spores contained in an ascus and another showing mature spores and the structure of the excipulum.

I wonder if anyone has any idea as to which species they might be?

Thank You,
With Best Wishes,
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Peter Wilberforce, 09-07-2019 10:00
Re : Black Asco Immersed in Stem of Carex

Hello Peter,

The spores remind me of the genus Astrosphaerella.

I have seen only the species A.stellata from old bamboo.