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I would ask the indulgence of the group to perhaps

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me mandan el material seco recolectado en rama de

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Hola, He encontrado estos ascomas creciendo inmer

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Dear members of this forumCould this find be Cheil

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I found this peziza sp. on loamy soil - on the gro

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Hola a tod@sHace unos días recolecte este hongo e

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Bonjour à tous. Sur crottes de chèvres deux exe

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Cyathicula on Urtica stems
Enrique Rubio, 04-04-2017 17:54
Enrique RubioHi again
This Cyathicula species was growing on old stems of Urtica dioica at 900 m of altitude.
The ascomata are stipitate and fully whitish, with a fimbriate margin made by cylindric-clavate cells with many small refractive guttules as in the paraphyses. The ascospores have some small LBs at their poles and no septa. Asci IKI b, 52-68 x 5-7, without croziers. Ectal excipulum textura oblita covered by many crystals.
I think this collection deviates from typical Cyathicula cyathoidea, said to have croziers, so I'd like to know your opinion.
Many thanks again
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Hans-Otto Baral, 04-04-2017 20:05
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Cyathicula on Urtica stems
Spore length is interesting, anyhow, this seems to cope with the wide sense of cyathoidea - surely a collective species as sequences tell us.
Enrique Rubio, 04-04-2017 20:41
Enrique Rubio
Re : Cyathicula on Urtica stems
Thank you, Zotto. Really a difficult complex