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Bonjour tous,Sorry, but as my French is crap, I wi

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Dear forum,   On a decorticated trunk of Populu

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I found these in a Picea abies dominated forest in

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Bonjour, Un petit champignon que m'a remis Andgel

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Hello all,This was found by a friend in New York C

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Anthracobia sp.
Vasileios Kaounas, 22-01-2014 18:48
Vasileios KaounasFound in Attica Greece, 22-01-14, in sandy soil, burnt spot in the seaside forest with Pinus halepensis, Pinus pinea, Pistacia lentiscus. Ascocarp dimensions 1 mm.
Asci dimensions 190-215 x 11-14,5 ?m. Ascospores dimensions 12,5-18,5 x 9,5-10,5 ?m.  Width paraphyses 7,5-9,5 ?m.
Enrique Rubio, 22-01-2014 18:55
Enrique Rubio
Re : Cheilymenia ???
It's an Anthracobia species, typical of burnt ground
DirkW, 22-01-2014 19:08
Re : Cheilymenia ???
salut vasileios, as enrique said, its anthracobia: a. macrcoystis, a. nitita or a. melanoma. most important are the hairs, which are missing. can you show the hairs too?


Vasileios Kaounas, 22-01-2014 19:17
Vasileios Kaounas
Re : Cheilymenia ???
Thank you, will look again, because I did not see hairs.
DirkW, 22-01-2014 19:22
Re : Cheilymenia ???
the hairs are very unconspicious! perhaps under 80 and very pale.
Vasileios Kaounas, 23-01-2014 10:33
Vasileios Kaounas
Re : Anthracobia sp.
I tried, but I did not see hairs.....
Vasileios Kaounas, 28-02-2014 15:56
Vasileios Kaounas
Re : Anthracobia sp.
I found it again in the same place, i put Melzer and the asci were not amyloidi, but maybe made the paraphyses ? Hair again I dont saw.
Enrique Rubio, 28-02-2014 16:57
Enrique Rubio
Re : Anthracobia sp.
The inconspicuous roundish hairs belong to Anthracobia macrocystis or A. nitida, but I don't know well the differences between these two species. The greenish reaction of the paraphyses in iodine are typical for their content in carotenoid pigments.
Vasileios Kaounas, 28-02-2014 17:21
Vasileios Kaounas
Re : Anthracobia sp.
Thanks Enrique.
macrocystis =  Asci cylindrical, 165-190 x 11-15 ?m, 8-spored, operculate, not bluing in iodine. Asco-spores uniseriate, smooth, biguttulate, elliptical to narrowly ellipti¬cal, (16)17-20 x 7.5-9.0 ?m,

nitida =  Asci cylindrical, 170-210 x 9-12 ?m, 8-spored, operculate, not bluing in iodine. Ascospores uniseriate, uninucleate, smooth, biguttulate, elliptical, 16-19 x (6)7-9 ?m

 not helped these differences !!!
Stephen Mifsud, 17-01-2017 06:49
Stephen Mifsud
Re : Anthracobia sp.
I found three populations of Anthracobia nitida but one of the populations had smaller spores then reported: 14-16um long, more or less the same as reported by Vasileios Kaounas ( the poster of this post) from Greece. I guess it still qualifies as A. nitida.
In the work of  Larsen Harold (1976) this population would classify as Anthrocobia taxonomic species A if you follow the keys on page  42-44/92  (and gosh - that thesie was produced with a type-writer!)

Myself, I have problems to distinguish (from literature) nitida and macrocystis (just tiny differences in hair length and spores, which intersect anyway),  but I think I have spotted a third difference (from Larsen Harold descriptions of both spp.) where A. nitida has a more pronounced brown-spotted clothing on the lower surface of the excipulum from that of A. macrocystis (where from the description they are lighter or restricted to the margin). See my image below

What do you think please?

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