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Andreas Gminder Andreas Gminder

Hello,on sheep dung after 14 days in culture I fou

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Esto lo recolectamos en bellota de  quercusNo ten

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Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

La hemos recolectado en frutos de EucaliptoA ver s

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Une question de mon ami Bernard Woerly qui voudrai

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Hallo Forum,I recently found a curious ascomycetes

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Bonsoir à toutes et tous,Une idée pour cet asco

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Juuso Äikäs

These were growing on the underside of a piece of

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Ethan Crenson

Hello again, I found this in a NYC park on very w

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Calzada Augusto Calzada Augusto

Hola amigos:Estoy estudiando una Gyalidea multispo

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Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Encontramos esta bellota de quercus con algun tipo

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Pyreno with greenish ascospores on Alnus glutinosa
Enrique Rubio, 18-04-2013 19:28
Enrique RubioHi to all

On medium size (40-70 mm in diam.) felled branches of Alnus glutinosa lying on the ground
I have found many inmersed, at first hyaline later greenish, perithecia that no
are into a clearly definited stroma. No ventral black lines. The necks are protruding across a well visible greyish disc.

The asci have an apical refringent apparatus and they are abruptly contracted at their base
(Diaporthales). No paraphyses I have seen. The ascospores are hyaline, later greenish, 1-(0) septate, very polimorphic, with some aberrant forms. No appendages. The spores are surrounded by a gelatinous sheath.

Dispersed between the perithecia they are many inmersed greenish conidiomata that could
be the anamorphic state of this fungus.

What do you think?

Thanks again

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Björn Wergen, 20-04-2013 13:16
Björn Wergen
Re : Pyreno with greenish ascospores on Alnus glutinosa
Hi Enrique,

I have tried to find out your finding for several hours yeasterday, but without success. I think it belongs to Melanconidaceae and probably near Massariovalsa, a genus with quite darker spores. According to Barr 1978 (Diaporthales and its segregates), your fungus matches the genera Massariovalsa, Hercospora and Hapalocystis, this because of the small layer of a gray stromatic tissue right under the surface, embedding the perithecia into wood and not into a stroma. I have also checked several original descriptions of species of aforementioned genera but without any matching conclusion. Probably a new species, perhaps Walter will say something about it :)

btw: you can put this one into the dropbox, too. Many thanks.