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cupules <2mm à centre gris bleuté, face exter

08-12-2019 11:01

Gilbert MOYNE

Bonjour, Un petit champignon que m'a remis Andgel

07-12-2019 18:45

Laurens van der Linde Laurens van der Linde

Hallo i found the P atrovinosa with a slime specie

07-12-2019 22:22

Rubén Martínez-Gil Rubén Martínez-Gil

Hola a todos. Subo unas fotos de un asco que hemo

06-12-2019 19:49

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Hi! Tiny, black, oblong stromata with pure white

27-11-2019 16:54

Rasmus Riis-Hansen Rasmus Riis-Hansen

Hi,I hope you can help med with this disc found a

05-12-2019 09:06

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola amigosEstoy buscando este trabajo de la Errot

05-12-2019 19:35

Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren

Dear colleagues, I was wondering if anyone could

19-11-2019 18:05

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... under a twig of deciduous tree (likely Quercus

29-06-2011 22:52

Luc Bailly Luc Bailly

Encore trois ascos de la réserve naturelle domani

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Enrique Rubio, 10-09-2012 20:33
Enrique RubioHello my friends

I present you a new problem with these small (up to 1 mm), white, stipitate, gelatinous, 'cyathiculoid' ascomata that grows on Fagus (Betula?) wood close to the river at 1500 m.

The long, fusiform, not septate, multiguttulate ascospores are very peculiar at least for me.
The asci have an apical broad pore that I think is of Calycellina-type (?), reddish at low concentrations of IKI and very blue at higher. They seems to have not croziers and they are 8-spored. Paraphyses and marginal cells have conspicuous Vb's as the subhymenium too.

Excipulum of textura porrecta.

I think could be a Calycellina species but I'd like to know your opinion.
Many thanks again
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Raúl Tena Lahoz, 10-09-2012 21:02
Raúl Tena Lahoz
Re : Calycellina?
Debería ser rojo a mayor concentración de IKI y azul a menor.
Un abrazo,
Michel Hairaud, 10-09-2012 21:07
Michel Hairaud
Re : Calycellina?
Hi Enrique, 
The shape and other characters of your find make me think about a Allophylaria . I am used to byssacea on Lycopus stems but here on wood, may be macrospora ?

Amitiés et congratulations to you too !!! 
Raúl Tena Lahoz, 10-09-2012 21:10
Raúl Tena Lahoz
Re : Calycellina?
Sí, en la Biblia (Zotto´s DVD) viene sin croziers y las medidas esporales, etc. coinciden.
¡Saludos a Michel también! 
Enrique Rubio, 10-09-2012 21:31
Enrique Rubio
Re : Calycellina?
Thank you my friends. Allophylaria seems to be a good genus for my finding. I did not know that Allophylaria can to grow on woody sustrates too...
Raul, the ascus image on the right is made at low concentrations of IKI (reddish reaction). Later I added some crystals of Iodine to my IKI (probably too much!) and the ascus reaction (left) is vivid blue.

La primera semana de octubre van a venir Brigitte, Michel y Nicolas a Somiedo. También va a acudir Miguel Ribes. ¿Por qué no te animas a acompañarnos?
Raúl Tena Lahoz, 10-09-2012 22:45
Raúl Tena Lahoz
Re : Calycellina?
Maybe it´s a variable character in this species. In HB 7056 Zotto indicates that Lothar obtained a red reaction ("LK rot!"). But ,for the very same ascus, it should be always first blue and after red at higher iodine concentration in an hemiamyloid species.

Muchas gracias por la oferta Enrique, pero entre la jefa y el jefecillo (y aparte el curro), no me puedo escapar una semana. Con más tiempo igual un fin de semana... pero para ese me viene muy corrido. Pasarlo muy bien, ¡veo que estarás bien acompañado!

Un abrazo,