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21-01-2020 21:24

Sven Heinz Sven Heinz

Hello, what kind of mushroom is this? It grows on

20-01-2020 18:55

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir, Un petit discomycète vert noirâtre mes

20-01-2020 18:35

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Could someone please give me a copy of the followi

20-01-2020 18:50

Stefan Blaser

Hello everybody, Any help on this collection is v

20-01-2020 21:52

Bometon Javier Bometon Javier

Hola a todos/asApotecios de 0,3 a 0,7 cmEsporas el

20-01-2020 18:19

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola a todos/asTengo estas Pseudombrophila sp, rec

20-01-2020 14:52

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Unas imágenes del 21 de Mayo de 2018, de un

20-01-2020 07:30

Django Grootmyers Django Grootmyers

Growing on a dead, shrivelled portion of a Phlebia

15-01-2020 00:11

William Slosse William Slosse

Hallo Forum,I recently found a curious ascomycetes

19-01-2020 20:16

Robin Isaksson

Spores multiguttulate,one cell and 22-26x 4,5-6 u

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hmm no rhizodiscina but what then?
Ismael Wind, 04-05-2012 17:21
I really thought it was but it wasnt.. It grows on dead populus branch still attached to the tree. Size of spore approx. 37.5-45 * 10
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Enrique Rubio, 04-05-2012 17:28
Enrique Rubio
Re : hmm no rhizodiscina but what then?
Maybe Lecanidion atratum (= Patellaria atrata)?
Paul LEROY, 04-05-2012 17:37
Re : hmm no rhizodiscina but what then? reponse à cette question
Je suis d'accord avec la réponse de Enrique, il s'agit bien de Patellaria atrata. Espèce très
commune sur bois mort divers.
Salutations   Paul LEROY
Ismael Wind, 04-05-2012 17:41
Re : hmm no rhizodiscina but what then?
that seems to be it! Thanks! Any other lokealikes in or out that family?
Hans-Otto Baral, 04-05-2012 18:31
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : hmm no rhizodiscina but what then?
No, it is clearly Patellaria atrata = Lecanidion atratum. There is a variant with a bluish hymenium in transmitted light, but yours is typically olivaceous.

Ismael Wind, 04-05-2012 19:22
Re : hmm no rhizodiscina but what then?
thanks everyone!
Kevin Hyde, 05-05-2012 01:43
Re : hmm no rhizodiscina but what then?
We are looking for Rhizodiscina if anyone can find it please  - as it belongs in Dothideomycetes and needs sequencing