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07-12-2019 22:22

Rubén Martínez-Gil Rubén Martínez-Gil

Hola a todos. Subo unas fotos de un asco que hemo

11-12-2019 23:29

Juuso Äikäs

I found these in a Picea abies dominated forest in

11-12-2019 23:25

Ethan Crenson

Hello all,This was found by a friend in New York C

11-12-2019 22:21


Bonsoir à toutes et tous,Pourriez-vous me confirm

09-01-2015 12:57

Alan Rockefeller Alan Rockefeller

I found this in a semitropical area of Queretaro,

05-01-2019 14:57

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

These orange "jelly"-like apothecia grow at the ap

11-12-2019 16:42


Bonjour à toutes et tous,Même s'il ne s'agit pas

05-12-2019 19:35

Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren

Dear colleagues, I was wondering if anyone could

09-12-2019 12:05


Bonjour cette colonie de pustules orange sur vieu

09-12-2019 21:35

William Slosse William Slosse

Yesterday I found this species on the underside of

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Rutstroemia cf. venusta
Enrique Rubio, 24-05-2011 10:30
Enrique RubioDear friends:
Last week I have collected this nice purplish ascomata on old indeterminate leaves (Petasites, Ranunculus?) at 1600 m of altitude. Disc up to 0.7 mm in diameter, margin fimbriate, stipe up to 2 mm.
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Enrique Rubio, 24-05-2011 10:31
Enrique Rubio
Re:Rutstroemia cf. venusta
Spores biguttulate with gel sheath
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Enrique Rubio, 24-05-2011 10:33
Enrique Rubio
Re:Rutstroemia cf. venusta
The rest of the micro
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Enrique Rubio, 24-05-2011 10:35
Enrique Rubio
Re:Rutstroemia cf. venusta
I have seen on Zotto's CD one plate of Rutstroemia cf. venusta and I think could be very close with my collection. What do you think?
Many thanks
Hans-Otto Baral, 24-05-2011 12:46
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Rutstroemia cf. venusta
Great collection indeed! Yes, I feel this is absolutely the same as I depicted. "My" specimen was found by Till Lohmeyer on "probably" Petasites.

Till Lohmeyer, 24-05-2011 14:58
Re:Rutstroemia cf. venusta
Congratulations, Enrique,

your collection fits in all respects my Bavarian collection from 1981. I have never forgotten this beautiful little cup fungus found on my birthday that year ... The "true" R.venusta Svrcek (see Ceska Myk. 20/1/1966) has considerably bigger spores, but apart from that it's very close.

Where did you find the cute thing geographically? Was it in the Pyrenees?

Best regards

Enrique Rubio, 24-05-2011 17:38
Enrique Rubio
Re:Rutstroemia cf. venusta
Thank you to all.
My collection is made at Somiedo's Natural Park, a very nice region of Asturias (N of Spain).
It's this fungus a microspored form of the true R. venustula?
Hans-Otto Baral, 24-05-2011 19:10
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Rutstroemia cf. venusta
The type of R. venusta was on Helianthemum. I did not compare the image, but the spore size in my database (13-20 x 5.5-7.5 µm) clearly excludes that. Surely a different species. For Petasites I have only Sclerotinia sclerotiorum wit that spore size in my database

Enrique Rubio, 24-05-2011 19:24
Enrique Rubio
Re:Rutstroemia cf. venusta
OK., Zotto. I will send you my images at higher resolution.