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05-07-2020 10:31

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

me mandan el material de Galicia, recolectado en h

03-07-2020 17:47

Thomas Læssøe


27-06-2020 13:21

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

I wondered if anyone could help me with this ascom

04-07-2020 14:34

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hello, I would like to ask you for help with idet

03-07-2020 21:06

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

me mandan el material seco,, recolectado en plante

03-07-2020 20:54

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

me mandan el material seco recolectado en rama de

03-07-2020 22:51

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello,I'd like to ask for help with a lichen. In w

02-07-2020 21:45

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

me mandan el material seco, recolectado en  tallo

02-07-2020 07:56

Garcia Susana

Hola, Agradecería vuestra ayuda para la identifi

02-07-2020 13:33

Garcia Susana

Hola, He recogido estos apotecios que crecían en

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Enrique Rubio, 22-09-2010 17:29
Enrique RubioHas someone information about Calycellina juniperina (K. Holm & L. Holm) Spooner, in Kirk & Spooner, Kew Bull. 38(4): 565 (1984)? Basyonim = Allophylaria juniperina K. Holm & L. Holm, Symb. bot. upsal. 21(no. 3): 7 (1977)
Many thanks to all
Beñat Jeannerot, 23-09-2010 19:28
Beñat Jeannerot
Adio Enrique,

I'll send you the following articles by mail :

= Taxonomy and Nomenclature in the Genus Calycellina (Hyaloscyphaceae)
Rosalind Lowen, Kent P. Dumont
Mycologia, Vol. 76, No. 6 (Nov. - Dec., 1984), pp. 1003-1023

= An Account of the Fungi of Arran, Gigha and Kintyre
P. M. Kirk, B. M. Spooner
Kew Bulletin, Vol. 38, No. 4 (1984), pp. 503-597

Un saludo,

Beñat Jeannerot, 23-09-2010 19:38
Beñat Jeannerot

Let me one hour to give you a link to download these articles... 40 Mo...It's difficult by mail...
I'll give this link here if anyone wants to download too.

Enrique Rubio, 23-09-2010 19:43
Enrique Rubio
OK,, Beñat and many many thanks!
Beñat Jeannerot, 23-09-2010 20:24
Beñat Jeannerot
Articles could be downloaded here :

Enrique Rubio, 24-09-2010 09:37
Enrique Rubio
Many thanks, Beñat. I have discharged correctly the documents