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16-06-2024 16:47

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

These apothecia directly growing on a resupinate,

16-06-2024 14:36

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hello.An anamorph located in nature, on the surfac

15-06-2024 13:51

Thomas Flammer

Just downloaded the english Key for Tarzetta. I h

12-06-2024 22:08

Stip Helleman Stip Helleman

Dear all, a week ago this cushen formed species w

12-06-2024 07:41

Juuso Äikäs

Yesterday I found some white Mollisias growing on

08-06-2024 14:44

Louis DENY

Sur sphagnum sp dans la tourbière des Pîles à S

09-06-2024 19:34

Spooren Marco Spooren Marco

Hello, Does someone has a PDF of Von Arx"article

15-07-2012 10:31

Edit Szilvásy Edit Szilvásy

Dear Forum, Yesterday I found a small blue-green

05-06-2024 21:57


Bonjour, Toute piste sera la bienvenue... Apoth

04-06-2024 21:26

Thierry Blondelle Thierry Blondelle

Bonjour,Je vous soumets cette récolte sur faîne

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Encoelioid on Punica granatum
Nihad Omerovic, 21-05-2024 11:33

found on dead, dry, attached (and fallen) twigs of P. granatum, at the end of April.

Spores measurements:

(13.9) 15.8 -17- 18.8 (20.5) × (3.6) 4.2 -4.6- 5.1 (5.2) µm
Q = (3.1) 3.4 -3.7- 4.1 (4.4) ; N = 31

Asci: 147 - 153 µm, IKI negative
Nihad Omerovic, 21-05-2024 11:35
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
Nihad Omerovic, 21-05-2024 11:37
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
Spores; only few with LBs(?); germinating
Nihad Omerovic, 21-05-2024 11:38
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
Ascus, IKI reaction
Nihad Omerovic, 21-05-2024 11:39
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
Andgelo Mombert, 21-05-2024 12:27
Andgelo Mombert
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum

See Rutstroemia punicae.
Nihad Omerovic, 21-05-2024 13:46
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
Thank you, Andgelo

yes, I suspected it too, and I already compared it to that species, very similar. One clear difference is IKI reaction - this one is negative. Still not sure...
Hans-Otto Baral, 21-05-2024 20:42
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
This is a great collection! You should look for the excipulum and crystals.

It must be Rutstroemia punicae, known only from the type collection.

Are you sure the IKI reaction is negative? Your photo is unclear herein. Good would be to test dead, somewhat immature asci.
Nihad Omerovic, 21-05-2024 23:42
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
New attempt
Very faint reaction and very few asci but it's there
Nihad Omerovic, 21-05-2024 23:46
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
what are these deposits?
Nihad Omerovic, 21-05-2024 23:49
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
Hans-Otto Baral, 22-05-2024 16:22
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
The reaction is quite distinct, medium deep.

Crystals are unknown to me in the type collection, but here it seems they are oxalate crystals.

What we need now is the ectal excipulum, I can hardly see it on your survey pic.

T. prismatica with long cells as in the type, or else?
Nihad Omerovic, 22-05-2024 17:12
Re : Encoelioid on Punica granatum
I had difficulties to obtain the reaction, I guess my lugol is going bad.

Textura should be "prismatica-porecta" ectal, intricata medulary, which I think it is, but don't have a good picture right now (squishy specimen); I'll try to confirm it in a few days.