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I found a group of Mitrula gracilis? on wet debris

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Thecotheus formosanus var. collariatus?
Maria Plekkenpol, 03-10-2023 11:07
On cowdung I found these. Fb white, "sugarcoated", sessile, starting conical but then with broadened apex with hymenium sinking which makes it a bit cupshaped. No hairs, around 1 mm.
Asci cylindrical, quite narrow, 8-spored. 195-218 x 14-15, operculate, amyloid.Two types of paraphyses, both exceeding the asci:
1. hyaline, slightly capitate, apex 4,4-5,6 µ, filled with light yellow VB's
2. Hyaline, septated, very slender, not capitate
Spores ellipsoid and (quite a lot of them) amygdaliform, with cyanophilous and congophilous collarettes. In CB and CR verruculose. 17,9 x 8,8 Q= 2,03.
Can anyone confirm (or not) this determination? Thank you in advance!
Greetings, Maria
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Michel Delpont, 03-10-2023 13:59
Michel Delpont
Re : Thecotheus formosanus var. collariatus?
Hello Maria.

We can see the collars under the apicles on the spores, which with the ornamentation points towards this species. Nice find!


Maria Plekkenpol, 03-10-2023 14:47
Re : Thecotheus formosanus var. collariatus?
Hello Michel,
Thank you for your confirmation! I am very happy indeed, thank you!

Greetings, Maria
Norbert Heine, 05-10-2023 17:05
Norbert Heine
Re : Thecotheus formosanus var. collariatus?
Hello Maria,

like Michel said this is without doubt Th. formosanus v. collariatus. It seems to be a very rare species.

I think this is still the only collection for germany!

Maria Plekkenpol, 05-10-2023 18:50
Re : Thecotheus formosanus var. collariatus?
Hello Norbert,
First: thank you for confirming it too!
After arriving at this species with the key in 
"AN UPDATED KEY TO COPROPHILOUS PEZIZALES AND THELEBOLALES IN ITALY" by Doveri (2007) I searched the Internet and your post was one of the first I saw!
I was very excited to see everything I had seen in your find and description and the confirmation from Nobi (I am sorry, don't know his full name). I still posted it here, because of the fact that it is so rare: in the Netherlands also only one find by Ron Bronckers years ago.

Again: thanks for your reaction and what a beautiful passion we all have hahaha! 
Greetings, Maria