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Mot de passe perdu? S'inscrire

25-02-2020 21:42

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Ejemplares fotografiados el pasado domingo br

25-02-2020 14:33

Mirek Gryc

HiSeveral creamy sporocarps quite small. Maximum d

25-02-2020 20:07

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there, i found this asco on heracleum giganteu

26-02-2020 12:46

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Hi to everybodyMinute superficial setose roundish

26-02-2020 10:46

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

me envian material seco de esta especimen recolect

25-02-2020 16:24

Riet van Oosten Riet van Oosten

Hello, Found by Laurens van der Linde, Febr. 2020

23-02-2020 11:15

William Slosse William Slosse

Hello Forum, on 14/02/20 I again collected a coll

25-02-2020 13:36

Peter Püwert Peter Püwert

Hi all,for Germany I find no proof, but my determi

24-02-2020 20:05

Mirek Gryc

HiUnfortunately, but my knowledge is too scanty ab

24-02-2020 18:15

Sven Heinz Sven Heinz

Hello, this fungus grows on roe deer dung. Some i

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Thecotheus ??? on sheep dung
Andreas Gminder, 19-01-2020 15:20
Andreas GminderHello,

on sheep dung after 14 days in culture I found a very tiny turbinate ascomycete, by chance with 40x magnification. It nevertheless was fully mature. The apothecium (only one I found) was first translucently whitsh, but turned yellow within some minutes. And this yellow pigment is also strikingly vivid to see as paraphyses vacuoles.
The most interesting feature was the extrem rim on the ascus tip, as I know it from species of Thecotheus. But I found no Thecotheus with such feature, so I suspect that it is not this genus. But which one?

Thank you for any ideas.

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Hans-Otto Baral, 19-01-2020 16:09
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Thecotheus ??? on sheep dung
Hallo Andreas

hope you got some measurements? No photo of apo parts with excipulum?

The yellow vacuoles point to a Thelebolus, not Thecotheus which would have amyloid asci as I recall (did you test IKI?). But the ascus tip would be very unusual. The yellow vacuolar pigment can hardly be formed within a short time, it is present in the optimum state.

Andreas Gminder, 19-01-2020 16:20
Andreas Gminder
Re : Thecotheus ??? on sheep dung
Hello Zotto,

meanwhile I got the hint that it might just be a young Saccobolus species. Which could well be, becuase I had one split ascus with a spore packet of a Saccobolus in the same preparation.
I did not test with IKI, and I had only this one very tiny (diam. 100 µm) fruitbody.
But hopefully the will grow more in the next day perhaps.

So at the monent I think it is a premature Saccobolus.

Hans-Otto Baral, 19-01-2020 16:28
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Thecotheus ??? on sheep dung
This is actualy true, I wasn't aware of yellow VBs in Saccobolus, they occur in S. truncatus and also S. citrinus in my folders.  The yjoint gel sheath around the spores supports this genus.
Michel Delpont, 19-01-2020 16:49
Michel Delpont
Re : Thecotheus ??? on sheep dung
Of course, certainly a Saccobolus; you have to wait for more maturity to see the ornamentation of the spores as well as their size. The top of the ascus also corresponds well to gender. There are several species with a yellow pigment, the most common being S. citrinus.