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19-08-2019 22:48

Zuzana Egertova Zuzana Egertova

Hello,I would like to consult this inoperculate as

18-08-2019 22:42

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonsoir, Trouvé sur tiges mortes de Pulsatilla a

19-08-2019 07:40

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Un liquen fotografiado sobre la corteza de un

18-08-2019 01:12

Andreas Gminder Andreas Gminder

Bonjour,although there are already several threads

16-08-2019 16:19

Joop van der Lee

I am looking for the following documentation:LUCK-

18-08-2019 09:28

Tanja Böhning Tanja Böhning

Hello, I have again a little small asco. - abou

29-01-2019 17:22

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... found at 09.10.2007 near Munich (Bavaria - NSG

12-08-2019 11:34

Stefan Jakobsson

Hi, yesterday I found something Mollisia-like on

17-08-2019 01:16

Stefan Jakobsson

Hello, Once again something Orbilia-like. This ti

14-08-2019 09:30

Johan Myhrer

Collection from central Sweden 2019-08-12, light b

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Lachnum (?) on shells of Fagus nuts
Ethan Crenson, 17-10-2018 07:10
In Northeastern North America.  On the banks of a stream.  These were on the inner shells of Fagus nuts.  Tiny white stipitate cups that resemble Lachnum.  The fruiting bodies are 1-2mm tall.  They are hairy on the outer surface with hairs also running down the stipe.  The hairs are hyaline, septate, rough textured with rounded ends.  Sometimes the end cell is enlarged.  Paraphyses lanceolate, longer than the asci.  Asci are IKI+ 40-50 by 4-5µm.  Paraphyses are 66-68 by 3-4µm.  Hairs 58-70 by 4µm.  Spores smooth, hyaline, ellipsoid, 5.5-6.5 by 3-4µm.  I am unable to find Lachnum sp. with spores this fat.  Any suggestions?  Thank you in advance.
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Hans-Otto Baral, 17-10-2018 08:19
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Lachnum (?) on shells of Fagus nuts
This reminds me of my Lachnum gemmarum on bud scales of Fagus sylvatica in Europe, characterized by hair tips being never inflated, except that the spores are in your collection much wider and the asci larger.

Which Fagus species is it here and is it the inner side of the cupules or of the seed scales?

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Ethan Crenson, 17-10-2018 16:15
Re : Lachnum (?) on shells of Fagus nuts
Hello Zotto, and thank you for your help!  The tree in question is Fagus grandifolia.  I believe the substrate is the seed scales--it is the smooth inner shell of the fruits.

Is there any literature on Lachnum in North America that I can refer to?

Hans-Otto Baral, 17-10-2018 16:40
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Lachnum (?) on shells of Fagus nuts
I have no idea about Lachnum in America. 

So you mean the thin brown shell of the triangular seeds .
Ethan Crenson, 17-10-2018 20:58
Re : Lachnum (?) on shells of Fagus nuts
Yes, exactly.