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Bonsoir, récolte réalisée sous pins (seul coni

18-03-2019 19:41

Per Marstad Per Marstad

We have found this to-day, in Norway, ca. 1 mm in

18-03-2019 22:04

Joop van der Lee

Found on deer dungApothecium: deep brown, no measu

18-03-2019 21:48

Ethan Crenson

Hello again,On the same branch as my previous post

17-03-2019 22:26

Ethan Crenson

Found yesterday in New York City.  Substrate is a

18-03-2019 12:06

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Hi to everybodyThese minute, white, sessile, pruin

18-03-2019 11:32

Peter Püwert Peter Püwert

Hi all, here I find no solution. Apos max. 1 x o,

11-03-2019 14:02

Elisabeth Stöckli

 Bonjour, Récolté sur branche morte de lierre

17-03-2019 22:36

Joop van der Lee

Found on deer dung.Disk: White later brown when ov

17-03-2019 21:38

Ethan Crenson

Hello all, In New York City yesterday I came acro

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Lachnaceae? on dead wood
Marcus Yeo, 11-12-2013 21:49

This discomycete was growing on fallen twigs (of Quercus or Fagus) in litter in lowland woodland. Details as follows:

Apothecia: creamy white, short-stalked, <1.5 mm diameter, hairy on outer surface and stalks.

Excipulum: textura prismatica.

Asci: 55-65 x 5-6 µm, arising from croziers, apices blue in IKI.

Spores: (8-)9-11(-12) x 2-2.5 µm, with a few small oil bodies at each end.

Paraphyses: broadly lanceolate, multi-septate, no VBs, 60-70 x 5-7 µm, exceeding asci by 5-10 µm.

Hairs: 45-60 x 3-5 µm, hyaline, septate, tapering to apex, smooth, sometimes with oil drops adhering to walls.

I assume it belongs to the Lachnaceae but I'm struggling to put a name to it. I'd be grateful for any help.

Many thanks


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Hans-Otto Baral, 11-12-2013 22:06
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Lachnaceae? on dead wood
Mi Marcus

Colipila masduguana. Do you have my paper on this?
Colipila, a new genus in the HelotialesHans-Otto Baral & Guy Garcia & Mesfin Bogale &Matthew J. O'Hara & Wendy A. Untereiner, in Mycological Progress 2012

Please lok whether the pores of the wood are large (Quercus, ring-pored) or small (Fagus). Usually it was on Castanea or Quercus. Only known from France so far.

Marcus Yeo, 11-12-2013 22:42
Re : Lachnaceae? on dead wood

Many thanks as ever for your invaluable help! I've just had a look at your images of Colipila masduguana and my specimen certainly has the same distinctive features as your collections.

I don't have your paper in Mycological Progress.

I'll check the substrate to see what species it is.


Paul Cannon, 02-07-2015 18:50
Re : Lachnaceae? on dead wood
I'm just looking at the specimen Marcus kindly sent us at Kew. Not as nice as the fresh material but still quite recognizable! Zotto, please could you send me a pdf of your paper about Colipila in Mycological Progress?

Much appreciated
Guy Garcia, 03-07-2015 07:58
Re : Lachnaceae? on dead wood
Voici l'article.
Amitiés, Guy