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18-07-2019 23:09

jean claude chasle

Bonsoir,Ceci est ma première demande sur le forum

19-07-2019 12:34

Filip Filip Fuljer Filip Filip Fuljer

Hi everyone,i found 2 days ago some species on old

19-07-2019 11:15

Katarina Pastircakova

Hello, anybody has this article?Morelet M. 1992. O

20-05-2019 07:38

Ron Bronckers

Hi everybody,Can anybody provide me with a copy of

17-07-2019 18:10

Jac Gelderblom

Hello On culms of Typha I found a small mollisia

17-07-2019 21:35

Joop van der Lee

I am looking for the following documentation.Richa

10-07-2019 17:53

Andgelo Mombert

Bonjour, Fructifications érumpantes atteignant 4

17-07-2019 15:12

Thomas Læssøe

Has anyone Remler or the part that contains Belono

14-07-2019 10:38

Markus Wilhelm

Bonjour, je visite récente le forêt tropicale d

14-07-2019 19:14

Rubén Martínez-Gil Rubén Martínez-Gil

Boudier in 1917 describes Lamprospora lutziana and

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Xylaria globosa, a " red" Xylaria..?
Esquivel-Rios Eduardo, 14-10-2012 21:34

 A Xylaria globosa (Spreng. ex Fr.) Mont. is a only Xylaria species with red-orange colorations in the ascostroma. This specimen found in the Cordillera Central, 500 mts. altitude, has these characteristics. The orange-red coloration develops only in thin sterile cilindrical stromata arising between fertile globose black stromata , they have few peritecias. The ascospores are 18-24 x 6-8 microns.
In  is referred as X. glabrosa, but i cant found any references to this specie.

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FELIPE SAN MARTÍN, 17-10-2012 21:38
Re : Xylaria globosa, a " red" Xylaria..?
¿Xylaria schweinitzii Berk. & M.A. Curtis?
Esquivel-Rios Eduardo, 18-10-2012 03:20
Re : Xylaria globosa, a " red" Xylaria..?
Gracias. La  X. schweinitzii reportada en Panama es totalmente esferica y no se mencionan la coloracion roja de estas estructuras, ver:
FELIPE SAN MARTÍN, 18-10-2012 17:18
Re : Xylaria globosa, a " red" Xylaria..?
En mi xperiencia, las especies del complejo Xylaria polymorfa (X. polymorpha, X. curta, X. complanata, X. Schweinitzii, X. scruposa, etc), presentag gutulas de colores vivos (rojos o amarillos) solo en el estado de anamorfo, cuando maduran ya no exudan gotas coloreadas. Por cierto, no se trata de un pigmento estromatal, si así fuera éste persistiría en el ectostroma de los ejemplares maduros, se trata de exudados acuosos coloreados mientras anamorfo.
Thomas Læssøe, 22-10-2012 17:20
Re : Xylaria globosa, a " red" Xylaria..?

In my experience X. polymorpha and  X. obovata (syn schweinitzii) never produce red droplets when emerging but my concept of X. globosa does (= anisopleura). But this complex still needs a lot of attention using other methods :-)
The red drop producing taxon is extremely common in Ecuador and presumably over most of the Neotropics


FELIPE SAN MARTÍN, 23-10-2012 03:30
Re : Xylaria globosa, a " red" Xylaria..?
I fully agree with Thomas.