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21-03-2023 09:37

Margot en Geert Vullings

On the same betula branch as of the Trimmatostroma

21-03-2023 18:43

Thierry Blondelle Thierry Blondelle

Hi,I don't have really an opinion on this Mollisia

25-05-2013 15:18

Gilles Corriol Gilles Corriol

Je tente à nouveau ma chance avec un Dactylospora

22-03-2023 11:43

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan el material seco de Galicia (España) 

19-03-2023 09:26

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan elmaterial seco de Galicia (España), re

08-03-2023 10:06

Hans-Otto Baral Hans-Otto Baral

Dear community I have to do an announcement: The

21-03-2023 07:40

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Un anamorfo sobre la superficie de un tronco

20-03-2023 12:23

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan elmaterial seco de Galicia (España)  r

21-03-2023 09:31

Margot en Geert Vullings

These black discs seen on a fallen Betula branch,

20-03-2023 19:25

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Hi!Can Antinoa pulchella be this yellow on the out

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Discomycetes on Urtica
Dmitry Gavryushin, 11-01-2007 19:46
Jan. 03, 2007, town park, on dead stems of Urtica (mostly at their base). Height ca. 1 to 1.5 mm.
  • message #1248
Dmitry Gavryushin, 11-01-2007 19:48
Re:Discomycetes on Urtica
Another image.
  • message #1249
Dmitry Gavryushin, 11-01-2007 19:49
Re:Discomycetes on Urtica
A microscopic view.
  • message #1250
Dmitry Gavryushin, 11-01-2007 19:51
Re:Discomycetes on Urtica
A view of another specimen.
  • message #1251
Enrique Rubio, 11-01-2007 19:55
Enrique Rubio
Re:Discomycetes on Urtica
It seems a Crocicreas species. Do you know the spore size and other microscopically data?
Dmitry Gavryushin, 11-01-2007 19:58
Re:Discomycetes on Urtica
Hello Enrique, many thanks for your reply - well, this rough size bar is all I got...
Enrique Rubio, 11-01-2007 20:48
Enrique Rubio
Re:Discomycetes on Urtica
I believe it's impossible with it. Ascus pore reaction...etc?
Andreas Gminder, 12-01-2007 14:22
Andreas Gminder
Re:Discomycetes on Urtica

in 99% of all cases it is Cyathicula cyathoidea, very very common especially on Urtica.

best regards,

Dmitry Gavryushin, 12-01-2007 15:28
Re:Discomycetes on Urtica
Many thanks for your valuable comment Andreas.