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27-11-2019 16:54

Rasmus Riis-Hansen Rasmus Riis-Hansen

Hi,I hope you can help med with this disc found a

05-12-2019 09:06

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola amigosEstoy buscando este trabajo de la Errot

19-11-2019 18:05

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... under a twig of deciduous tree (likely Quercus

29-06-2011 22:52

Luc Bailly Luc Bailly

Encore trois ascos de la réserve naturelle domani

04-12-2019 13:01

Mirek Gryc

Hello everyoneI inform you in advance that this is

04-12-2019 14:53

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

Hello together, does somebody have: DONADINI J.-

03-12-2019 10:36

Thomas Læssøe

Pale, long-stemmed, recalling H. seminis-alni; ap.

24-11-2019 19:03

Mirek Gryc

They grew on plant debris soaked in faeces togethe

29-11-2019 12:11

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan esta muestra de Galicia,  recolectada e

03-12-2019 13:06


Bonjour une colonie de micro cupules sessiles à

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Xylariaceous fungus on Genista florida
Enrique Rubio, 22-05-2016 20:56
Enrique Rubio

Hi to everybody

This fungus was collected on small cutted branches, up to 10 mm broad, of Genista florida not lying on the ground, at the Natural Park of Somiedo (N of Spain), at 1500 m of altitude. It grew together with stromata of Thyronectria roseovirens.

The fruitbodys are made of several subcuticular, blackish, perithecia more or less circinate, not forming a not well definite ascostroma, in valsoid configuration, with erumpent blackish ostioles.

The cylindrical, shortly stipitate 8-spored asci have a conspicuous apical apparatus NOT STAINING BLUE in IKI and the ellipsoid, brownish, unicellular ascospores have a full lenght germ slit. Paraphyses are present.

I think this fungus belongs to Xyalariaceae and maybe it could be into the genus Lopadostoma but the inamyloid asci don't fit well with this genus.

Have you some idea for help me

Thanks again

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Jacques Fournier, 23-05-2016 11:34
Jacques Fournier
Re : Xylariaceous fungus on Genista florida
Hola Enrique,
your fungus is indeed very strange. Microscopically it might also fit Coniochaeta but the arrangement of ascomata with apparently converging ostioles piercing the peridium is most unusual.
An alien?

Enrique Rubio, 23-05-2016 11:46
Enrique Rubio
Re : Xylariaceous fungus on Genista florida

Hi Jacques

Yes. I also thought in Coniochaeta, but the ascomata would be very unusual for this genus. The converging ostioles of the perithecia remember me in a way those of Calosphaeria pulchella. I think as you: it seems to be an alien ..

Thanks again, Jacques