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19-04-2021 10:27

Ismael Wind

This pestalotiopsis found cryptomeria japonica. Is

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Hi!Could this be a species of Cryptadelphia or Tri

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Hi everyboby.Doe's somebody could provide some art

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Bonsoir forumA Belfort (Sud des Vosges), sur bois

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Bonjour à tous, voici ce je penserai être Peziza

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Khomenko Igor Khomenko Igor

Hi, I'm having trouble identifying this hairy disc

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Juuso Äikäs

This Thursday I found some tiny discos growing on

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En hoja de Eucalipto
Castillo Joseba, 05-03-2015 15:29
Castillo JosebaDe Galicia 
En hoja de eucalipto

No veo las ascas en buen estado,  no reacccionan al IKI

No estoy seguro de que lo que pongo sean las esporas,   pero son las que he visto

A ver si hay alguna sugerencia
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Hans-Otto Baral, 05-03-2015 16:16
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : En hoja de Eucalipto

This looks interesting but I need some data more:

1. can you send an ascus in higher resolution to be sure about the spores

2. Did you measure the asci? I can hardly believe that the spores measurements are correct, I supsected much smaller spores.

3. A view on the excipulum would be good (cell shape, colour).

4. is it possible to see paraphyses?

5. How large are the apos?

You image in "aqua" shows dead reddish plasma, like stained in phloxine, how is that possible?

Castillo Joseba, 05-03-2015 22:42
Castillo Joseba
Re : En hoja de Eucalipto
He corregido dos errores 
1º  Las ascas con el color rojo estaban con Rojo Congo
2º  He corregiro las medidas esporales que son de media 12,6 x 2,4

3º He medido las Ascas  de media 87 x 4,5  (pongo foto)

4º  pongo foto de las  esporas en las ascas con mas resolución (en IKI)

5º  pongo fotos del excipulum

6º Pongo fotos de las parafisis

7º medida de los apotecios:  en seco 3-5 mm   y hidratadas 5-7 mm

Espero que sirva de ayuda y gracias por  tus comentarios y ayuda Zotto 
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Hans-Otto Baral, 06-03-2015 09:45
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : En hoja de Eucalipto
Thanks, this makes more sense. If you have corrected the spore size on your plate I would appreciate in receiving it.

5-7 mm for the apos is very big. Do the Eucalyptus leaves have a width of 6-7 cm or more? Any idea of the Eucalyptus species?

If you have the fungus still in fresh I would need a preparation in tap water without too much pressure to see living paraphyses. Whether they contain large refractive vacuoles or not is important.

I cna hardly believe that such a large fungus escaped notice, but so far i have no idea.

Castillo Joseba, 06-03-2015 11:54
Castillo Joseba
Re : En hoja de Eucalipto
He medido un apotecio a traves del micro x100 y me dan 308 - 342 µ
La hoja de eucaliptp 7,5 cm. de largo x 1 cm. de ancho ... voy a intentar identificar la especie

El material  no parece que esta en buenas condiciones, he hecho una preparación con agua de lluvia y  no consigo ver claramenta la parafisis...   seguire intentando

Gracias Zotto

Joey JTan, 06-03-2015 16:29
Re : En hoja de Eucalipto
At first glance the apothecia reminded me a lot of Zotto's Ombrophila hemiamyloidea. 

Presence of refractive vacuole bodies in the paraphyses would be very interesting... were the leaves partially submerged in water?
Hans-Otto Baral, 16-03-2015 15:54
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : En hoja de Eucalipto
I received your sample last Friday in very good state. Sorry for the late answer, I am still waiting for a reply from Amy Rossman who published on such fungi.

My idea is confirmed that this is a Pilidium, a member of the new family Chaetomellaceae (Helotiales). Amy treated only 2 Pilidium species, but there should be more. On the ?under side of the leaf is the anamorph, but the conidia are too long and narrow to fit one of the two species.

The second plate shows the teleomorph. Characteristic of the group are the inamyloid asci and the extracellular refractive drops in almost the whole fungus, staining turquoise in CRB, besides the cleistohymenial development and the phialidic anamorph that forms acervuli.

A really amazing fungus!

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Castillo Joseba, 16-03-2015 21:03
Castillo Joseba
Re : En hoja de Eucalipto
Me alegro de que hayan llegado bien

Seguiremos esperando el resultado final

Hans-Otto Baral, 16-03-2015 22:13
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : En hoja de Eucalipto
pas de resultat final - Amy agrees with Pilidium but does not know the species, maybe a new one, but who has the overview on such anamorphic fungi? Often the teleomorph has not been reported in this family. It would certainly be good to take a sequence from the apothecia and to compare with GenBank.

Please tell me the collection data of this wonderful fungus.