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William Slosse William Slosse

Yesterday I found this species on the underside of

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Stip Helleman Stip Helleman

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Bonjour cette colonie de pustules orange sur vieu

10-12-2019 12:44

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Del pasado domingo en madera sin determinarA ver q

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Adrian Carter

If you are interested in Chaetomium you can access

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Mirek Gryc

Hello everyoneI inform you in advance that this is

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Bonjour cette colonie de micro pustules noires l

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Pérez del Amo Carlos Manuel Pérez del Amo Carlos Manuel

Anamorfo sobre ramas sin identificar de restos de

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cupules <2mm à centre gris bleuté, face exter

08-12-2019 11:01

Gilbert MOYNE

Bonjour, Un petit champignon que m'a remis Andgel

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Hercospora tiliae?
Enrique Rubio, 06-05-2012 13:55
Enrique RubioDear friends:

Thsi fungus forms up to 1.5 mm stromata just beneath the bark of Tilia cordata rotten branches together with pseudothecia of Splanchnonema ampullaceum.
The valsoid 1-8 perithecia are placed inside a white entostroma and their ostioles are very inconspicuous.
I think could be Hercospora tiliae or a close species of this genus.
What do you think?
Many thanks in advance
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Paul LEROY, 06-05-2012 18:49
Re : Hercospora tiliae? réponse à Enrique Rubio
Bonjour Enrique,

Oui pas de problème pour Hercospora tiliae,cette espèce est très commune sur Tilia
et très souvent en mélange avec S.ampullaceum.
Amicalement   Paul LEROY
Enrique Rubio, 06-05-2012 19:06
Enrique Rubio
Re : Hercospora tiliae?
Merci, Paul.
J'avais des doutes parce que Dennis (British Asc.) dit et dessine 'spores not noticeably constricted'
Chris Yeates, 06-05-2012 19:26
Chris Yeates
Re : Hercospora tiliae?
Hello Enrique

the illustration in Dennis shows thick-walled empty-celled spores - perhaps this is an issue of "vital taxonomy" and RWGD was working only with herbarium material?

best wishes

Enrique Rubio, 06-05-2012 19:51
Enrique Rubio
Re : Hercospora tiliae?
It seems Dennis only works with dried material. Thank you Chris. I think it's a good possibility...