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14-07-2020 09:23

Thomas Læssøe


14-07-2020 06:57

Stoykov Dimitar Stoykov Dimitar

Dear friends,I am looking for Cannon, P.F.  1999.

13-07-2020 22:08

Guy Buddy

Howdy all,This rough-looking fruit is from dead st

13-07-2020 13:17

Blasco Rafael Blasco Rafael

Hola, a ver si me pueden ayudar con esta muestra d

06-07-2020 05:51

Yulia Lytvynenko

Dear friends.Looking for a copy of the following w

12-07-2020 19:23

Andgelo Mombert Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir, Sur bois mort décortiqué, immergé dan

13-07-2020 12:08

Juuso Äikäs

Yesterday I found some Pulvinulas growing on clay-

13-07-2020 13:57

Stefan Jakobsson

Here a 5 mm wide fungus growing on a decidious(?)

07-07-2020 13:34

Sergey Markov

I found this peziza sp. on loamy soil - on the gro

12-07-2020 16:30

Gilbert MOYNE

Bonjour, Une récolte qui me pose quelques probl

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Leucoscypha sp. or something else?
Nedim Jukic, 18-07-2011 19:43
Nedim JukicHello and greetings from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Sarajevo,
this is my first post to ascofrance, but surely not the last.

I`m curious about the Pezizales illustrated and shown bellow. I found three fruit bodies in the dry but still wet stream bank, accompanied by Trichophaea woolhopeia and Humaria hemisphaerica. Specimens were growing from the wet soil covered with the a little moss (not sure which species), and some kind of gametophyte, apothecia 0,3-0,5 cm in diammeter.
Other micro data are mentioned at the drawing.
Could be this some species of Leucoscypha, by the fusiformes shape of the ascospore it looks like possible solution for me, but I don` have proper literature, works and key for this genus...
Full mature spore dimesions: 24-25x8-8,5

I would be very thankful if someone find solution (I still have one live fruit body in the box, for potential further neccessary analyses).

Also I would appreciate if someone could mail me any litterature about this genus (besides L. semmi-immersa and L. patavina).

Nedim Jukic
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Enrique Rubio, 18-07-2011 19:50
Enrique Rubio
Re : Leucoscypha sp. or something else?
Dear Nedim
Please compare with Peziza gerardii (see my card on Ascofrance), The asci of this species have an very irregular reaction in Melzer.

François Valade, 18-07-2011 20:01
François Valade
Re : Leucoscypha sp. or something else?
Dear Nedim?
IKI negative is really surprising with these features and I agree Carlos's proposal.
I think that no Leucoscypha is purple and species are clearly hairy.
Maybe you have to try another iodine reagent but I remember having tried several ones (Melzer and Lugol) on Peziza varia without success. Nothing is perfect!
Nedim Jukic, 18-07-2011 20:09
Nedim Jukic
Re : Leucoscypha sp. or something else?
Dear Enrique,
Thank you very much for your quick response, and very useful hints.

Yes, now I see clearly match after comparing it with your findings.
As you`ve mentioned, although I`ve made a note that reaction with J was negative, I`ve noticed some strange irregulary, barely visible light bluish/or even greenish pigment in the upper part of the asci.

Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 18-07-2011 20:34
Re : Leucoscypha sp. or something else?
François s'est fait greffer des cheveux :))
Désolé, j'ai pas pu résister...

Sorry Nedim for this private joke! I agree with my colleagues, it looks like Peziza gerardii.