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Mot de passe perdu? S'inscrire

01-03-2024 18:06

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Dear Forum,On unidentified moss I found some small

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Bonjour, Sur laissée de mustélidé indeterminé

02-03-2024 12:37

Bernard Declercq Bernard Declercq

Hello,I am looking for a pdf of following paper:Ud

29-02-2024 10:42

Charles Grapinet Charles Grapinet

Hello, Yesterday I found a Periconia on a dead Ae

22-10-2019 00:02

Yannick Mourgues Yannick Mourgues

On Fagus decorticated wood near a stream. Diametr

29-02-2024 16:43

Malcolm  Greaves Malcolm Greaves

Can someone suggest what this might be. It is deve

25-02-2024 19:50

Robin Isaksson Robin Isaksson

Found this one 3-4 times on resin in SwedenAsci IK

24-02-2024 15:15

Louis DENY

Bonjout ForumTrouvé à Belfort (400m altitude), s

27-02-2024 12:55

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

me mandan el material seco de Galicia España reco

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Yellow Cup
Anthony Carter, 08-11-2023 16:51
Found on mossy soil in woodland of Corylus, Crataegus and Betula. Size 5mm across and 5mm deep with a small stem. The yellow has been enhanced by my scanner but it was was easy to see in a dark wood on a dull day. My original thought was Tarzetta but the spores, with oil drops, are only 10-12 x 5-6um.
I should appreciate any guidance for further research.
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Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 08-11-2023 17:05
Re : Yellow Cup
Tarzetta species has asci without croziers, so your collection cannot be assigned to this genus. Maybe an Arpinia species...
Till Lohmeyer, 08-11-2023 18:01
Re : Yellow Cup
The ascocarp is a bit small - perhaps not fully grown yet -, but colour, spore-size, oildrops and the wrinkled outside remind me of yellow Otidea species ("clade concinna"), former genus Flavoscypha. 

Regards from Bavaria
Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 08-11-2023 18:07
Re : Yellow Cup
Yes, you're right Till. Clearly an Otidea species!
Something close or identical to O. phlebophora. See

Anthony Carter, 20-11-2023 17:38
Re : Yellow Cup
Thank you both for your input. I can research further. I would never have thought of this Genus.