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04-10-2023 21:58

Pablo Chacón

hola a todos,J'écris à Florent.boittin@laposte.n

04-10-2023 17:18

Louis DENY

Bonjour forumAu Ballon d'Alsace, altitude 1 100m,

04-10-2023 18:43

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Dear Forum,On the bark of Fagus I found some brigh

04-10-2023 14:29

Jean-Luc Ranger

Bonjour, sur tige herbacée en milieux tourbeux ,

02-10-2023 22:34

Herrera Emerson Herrera Emerson

Hi, I find this in the Teca. Can you help me pleas

02-10-2023 13:29

Petra Eimann Petra Eimann

Hello all,Found on 31.08.2023 on a hardwood branch

03-10-2023 11:07

Maria Plekkenpol

Hello,On cowdung I found these. Fb white, "sugarco

02-10-2023 21:01

Nihad Omerovic

Hello,30. 09. 2023., Mediterranean region, nex to

01-10-2023 14:57

Michael Valentine

Hello,Found on Friday, in the middle of an isolate

28-09-2023 22:11

Nihad Omerovic

Hello,Looking for opinions on this Rutstroemia; I

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Melastiza sp. with too large ascospores
Benko Gabor, 05-06-2023 14:04
Benko GaborDear Ascofrance, I need your help. I found this Melastiza sp. in Tarvisio Italy, not far from a riverbank, next to a pile of gravel accumulated due to construction work, I found these brick-colored apothecia. Their size is 2-4 mm. A few centimeters away, a bryophilous species also appeared on the pioneer mosses in the same area. I don't know if there have been any previous instances of fires in the area, but it cannot be ruled out. The majority of spores measure 18-19 um in length (excluding ornament), but there are also larger spores measuring 21-22 um in length. At the junction of the networks, pustules can be found. What Melastiza species does have so large spores? Am I on the wrong track?

Link to photos here:

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Josep Torres, 17-06-2023 08:26
Josep Torres
Re : Melastiza sp. with too large ascospores
Parece Melastiza chateri típica, con esporas ligeramente más grandes, te dejo un par de imágenes mías de la especie con las medidas de las esporas y las paráfisis.

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