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Bonjour, récolte réalisée sur un pin brûlé,

02-12-2022 16:49

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there,i'm looking for following Literature:Gibe

01-12-2022 23:50

Przemyslaw Drzewiecki

30.11.2022; Mochle near Bydgoszcz, Poland. Old hor

01-12-2022 12:46

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

found on 8.7.2022, on the margin of National Park

29-11-2022 17:47

Jean-Claude Malaval Jean-Claude Malaval

Espèce sur Goyavier non récoltée

01-12-2022 14:13

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... on decorticated wood of Picea, near Snasa, Ber

01-12-2022 11:49

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

when finding this on 8.7.2022 in the margin of Nat

01-12-2022 14:29

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

Norway, near Snasa, 9.7.2022, on Juncus effusus. T

01-12-2022 13:54

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... found near Snasa, 3.7.22, on remains of Poacea

01-12-2022 13:09

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

on 4.7.22, in the marginal area of National Park S

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Nemania aenea var. ??
Viktorie Halasu, 11-09-2022 23:31
Viktorie HalasuHello,

I don't have much experience with Nemania and would appreciate some help here. Spore size and germ slit lead me to N. aenea, but neither variant fits. MLZ+ reaction excludes var. aureolutea, inconspicuous germ slit excludes var. aenea, lack of white matter in stromata excludes var. macrospora. Or is it this large-spored form of N. serpens var. colliculosa:

Czech Rep., lowland riparian forest. There's a small alder carr flanked by shrub Salix hidden in that forest and this Nemania grew there on a dead, partially decorticated Salix trunk, ca. 1,5 m above ground. Stromata rather soft, easy to cut. 

Thank you in advance. 
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  • message #73847
Jacques Fournier, 13-09-2022 10:34
Jacques Fournier
Re : Nemania aenea var. ??
Hi Viktorie,
to me the germ slit you illustrate is conspicuous, or fairly conspicuous.
Inconspicuous applies to that of N. serpens, which is really difficult to make out.
Thus your collection fits well typical N. aenea.
Viktorie Halasu, 13-09-2022 13:23
Viktorie Halasu
Re : Nemania aenea var. ??
Dear Jacques,

thank you very much. Next time with Nemania I will have a better idea what is (fairly) conspicuous.

Best regards,