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I found a group of Mitrula gracilis? on wet debris

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Hello,found on dead, dry, attached (and fallen) tw

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Substrate: not quite sure, on pluvious stem of a h

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Trichopeziza "limonipilosa" ?
Chris Yeates, 11-05-2021 22:35
Chris Yeates
Bonsoir tous

This collection - on dead stem of Geum urbanum - appears to be referable to what is currently named T. limonipilosa. I would be grateful for comments. Asci are hemiamyloid and with croziers, paraphyses with globules, ascospores(10)12-13.4 x 2.2-2.7µm.

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Hans-Otto Baral, 12-05-2021 12:52
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Trichopeziza "limonipilosa" ?
Hi Chris

Incredibly superb macrophoto! I never saw it so plastic.

For me this doesn't look like limonipilosa. No yellow hairs, spores are too wide, ascus reaction pure red. Did you check, is there no blue at low concewntration? It looks like RR?

Chris Yeates, 12-05-2021 15:21
Chris Yeates
Re : Trichopeziza "limonipilosa" ?
Thanks Zotto

The collection was kept damp for several days in the fridge to allow it to mature a little with no disturbance, and this is probably why the beautiful development pattern of the hairs -  like feathers on a bird - is shown.

There was a slight hint of yellow to the extreme marginal hairs, but only slight. The ascus tip staining shown here is typical of all I saw. Although I only used Baralsche Löhsung this was always by feeding it into a water mount of living material and then watching for a reaction so "yes" to the same at lower concentration.

Looking at your folder I would say my collection is very close - macroscopically - to the one numbered 217. Looking at Genbank there would appear to very little of help with Trichopeziza there. A pity that such an attractive group - often collected by micro-fungi enthusiasts - is so little understood.


Hans-Otto Baral, 12-05-2021 16:08
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Trichopeziza "limonipilosa" ?
Yes, this looks similar but has narrower spores: Droitwich Canal Reed Beds, Worcestershire herbaceous stem, up to 2mm diameter, sp. 10 - 15 x 1.25 - 2um.

I have placed your and some other samples in a separate folder "limonipilosa-like H+ IKI RR-RB 10-13.5 x 2.2-3" based on the broader spores. Not sure if all is the same.
Edouard Evangelisti, 13-05-2021 00:54
Edouard Evangelisti
Re : Trichopeziza "limonipilosa" ?
Bonsoir Chris,

Wow, these are stunning images of an intriguing collection!

If you are interested in getting an ITS sequence of this collection, please let me know, I would be happy to help.