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30-05-2020 13:52

Andrés Valverde Valera Andrés Valverde Valera

Bonjour,Je ne sais pas si ça peut être la phase

31-05-2020 07:26

Yulia Lytvynenko

Dear friends.Looking for a copy of the following w

29-05-2020 11:28

Maria Plekkenpol

Hello, on cowdung I saw these whitish asco's. Foll

30-05-2020 20:01

Juuso Äikäs

I pulled off some thick bark from a Pinus sylvestr

28-05-2020 21:28

Marek Capoun

Hello everybody,I need help with a determination o

29-05-2020 20:14

Maren Kamke Maren Kamke

Good evening,A pyrenomycetes-species on rosa sp.,

28-05-2020 11:45

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

Found this hairless orange operculate fungi larges

29-05-2020 14:08

Louis DENY

Bonjour forum,Dans un endroit humide, sur feuille

14-03-2014 18:08

Roland Labbé

Bonjour ! Voici un Roseodiscus subcaneus probable

28-05-2020 10:46

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola. Aunque no es el Foro más adecuado para el t

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operculate discomycete associated with dung
Ethan Crenson, 31-03-2020 16:56
Hello all,

I incubated some deer dung from an NYC park on a damp paper towel in a moist chamber for about six weeks. A recent arrival in the moist chamber are these stipitate discomycetes growing from the damp paper towels. They are dull orange-tan, about 6mm across, with a central depression. The asci I measured were about 259-279 x 15-20µm, they are IKI+. Spores are hyaline, eguttulate, ellipsoid, 17.5-20 x 10-12µm. They appear smooth in water mounts but slightly punctate in iodine. Cells of the excipulum are textura globulosa. Paraphyses are septate, branching, and with some irregular bulges and thickenings in the wall. I am no having much success with the keys I have. Maybe I should not assume that there is a connection to the presence of the dung. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,

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