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I found a group of Mitrula gracilis? on wet debris

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Dear Forum,On debarked Fagus I found some small wh

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Hi all,Could this be Venturioscypha or Venturiocis

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Hello,found on dead, dry, attached (and fallen) tw

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Hello, could someone send this publication to me

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Bonjour à tous,L'ouvrage de Björn Wergen: Handbo

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Substrate: not quite sure, on pluvious stem of a h

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Like green hysterium?
Marja Pennanen, 09-05-2010 20:06
I found these on Epilobium.
They are about 0,1-0,2 mm wide.
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Marja Pennanen, 09-05-2010 20:09
Re:Like green hysterium?
But the microscophy is strange.
The variety in spores and size of asci is amazing.
The spores are 9-16x3-6 micrometers, 1-3 septate and asci 50-120x7-10.
I found absolutely no paraphyses.
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Alain GARDIENNET, 09-05-2010 20:25
Re:Like green hysterium?
Bonsoir Marja,
Informations are lacking to give an opinion. Have you a description of the ascomata ? It doesn't look like an Hysterium.
We also need to know if the asci are unitunicate or bitunicate. There is apparently an ornementation on the spores, isn't it ?
Best regards,
Marja Pennanen, 09-05-2010 21:10
Re:Like green hysterium?
I just checked another stem. The ascomata can be near 1 mm long and about 0.1 to 0,2 mm wide. It seems to open in the middle and turns darker when drying.
I put some in lugol and supprisingly found no asci, but one septate spores - maybe an anamorph - its looks the same, perhaps lighter.
So the real spores are 2-3 septate 13-16x4-6 and asci IKI- the longer with spores in one row, the shorter with spores in 2 rows.

I know its not a Hysterium, but the spores broght them to my mind ;)
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Alain GARDIENNET, 09-05-2010 21:21
Re:Like green hysterium?
I've no idea, sorry.
Marja Pennanen, 09-05-2010 21:51
Re:Like green hysterium?
thanks. Lets wait if somebody else has some ideas :)

The fungus itself isn't rare because I've found it in three places during the two last days. Its been very humid here and many, many tiny early spring things are at their best at the moment :)

Hans-Otto Baral, 09-05-2010 22:20
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Like green hysterium?
Dear Marja

I suspect that your specimen belongs in Exarmidium (Hyponectriaceae, Xylariomycetidae). I know E. inclusum, at least this was identified so, apparently by M. Barr. Two drawings are on the DVD, HB 6045 & 6226, perhaps as Massarina emergens or Tarbertia or Micraspis.

My E. inclusum was always on wood, and the spores were larger than yours: 15-20 x 6-8 µm.

The attached photos of more recent finds are on Rosa and Alnus from S-Sweden and the Alps.
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Hans-Otto Baral, 09-05-2010 22:22
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Like green hysterium?
The spores seem quite typical....
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Hans-Otto Baral, 09-05-2010 22:24
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Like green hysterium?
... but the ascomata vary between a small pore and a larger hymenial opening with dark teeth-like lobes. Also my two old drawings vary herein and in the paraphyses: Finds with small opening had simple paraphyses whereas one had apically swolen and anastomosing ones (6226 from Vosges).

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Marja Pennanen, 10-05-2010 08:29
Re:Like green hysterium?
Thanks Zotto,

I'm pleased, that folks here do take my findings seriously enought to do so much work for them :)

The spores and way of growing seems alike.
These are narrower (something like Hysterium) and the habitat is on herbs, maybe some other Exarmidium...
I've got a tendency to find even these tiny ascomycetes too early, they may be still immature.
I'll try to look for them later and check weather something happens.

Robin Isaksson, 12-04-2024 12:46
Robin Isaksson
Re : Like green hysterium?
I did also found this one on Epilobium today.

I have seen Exarmidium species before but none so greenish. and in key from 1986 the species shuld be brown or dark. My spores is 19-22 x 5-5.5um first aseptate later 3 septate, asci I - hymgel I- Interascal filaments absent.

best regards
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