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  • chrysomalla
Bivonella chrysomalla
Christian Lechat , 13-08-2008 00:00
Genre Bivonella
Espèce chrysomalla
Autorités (Berk. & Broome) Sacc.
Classe Sordariomycetes
Sous-Classe Sordariomycetideae
Famille Thyridiaceae
Substrat Bambou
Herbier CLL8517
Localité FWI, Guadeloupe, Capester-Belle-Eau, troisième chute du Carbet
Leg. C.Lechat
Det. Sabine Huhndorf
Date de récolte 13-08-2008
Remarque Notes by Drew Minnis:
Bivonella chrysomalla (Berk. & Broome) Sacc. 1891
≡ Melanospora chrysomalla Berk. & Broome 1875
≡Thyridium chrysomallum (Berk. & Broome) O.E. Erikss. & J.Z. Yue 1989
= Sinosphaeria bambusicola J.Z. Yue & O.E. Erikss. 1987
Notes: As 'chrysomella'. Eriksson and Hawksworth (1986) discuss the typification of Bivonella where they point out that it was raised to the generic rank from subgeneric rank, and the only taxon included in the original subgenus was M. chrysomalla. Thus, B. lycopersici can not be the type of the genus Bivonella. Thus, Bivonella, typified by M. chrysomalla, is the oldest available generic name for this species since the type of Thyridium is not closely related (Huhndorf, personal communication). Sinosphaeria is a later generic synonym.Distribution: Asia, Caribbean.Host: Reported from monocots.Supporting Literature: Eriksson, O., and Hawksworth, D.L. 1986. Notes on ascomycete systematics. Nos 1-224. Syst. Ascomycetum 5: 113-174.Eriksson, O.E. 1989. An amended description and disposition of the genus Thyridium. Syst. Ascomycetum 8: 9-16.Yue, J.Z., and Eriksson, O.E. 1987. Sinosphaeria bambusicola gen. et sp. nov., (Thyridiaceae Fam. Nov.). Syst. Ascomycetum 6: 229-236.Verified By: Drew On Apr 03, 2009