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  • aurantia
Aleuria aurantia
Chris Yeates , 26-12-2014 04:58
Genre Aleuria
Espèce aurantia
Autorités (Pers.) Fuckel
Classe Pezizomycetes
Sous-Classe Pezizomycetidae
Ordre Pezizales
Famille Pyronemataceae
Substrat soil by old tree stump
Herbier Hb. CSVY/F/2568
Localité Highfields area, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Pays Royaume-Uni
Leg. C.S.V. Yeates
Det. C.S.V. Yeates
Date de récolte 25-12-2014
Remarque The central 'bump' inside the individual foveae of many of the mature ascospores is one I have not seen in most images; it is (coincidentally) reminiscent of some craters on the moon: