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Xiambola mirabilis
Hans-Otto Baral , 05-10-2006 00:00
Genre Xiambola
Espèce mirabilis
Autorités Minter & Holubová-Jechová
Classe Ascomycetes
Sous-Classe Leotiomycetidae
Ordre Helotiales
Famille Hyaloscyphaceae
Substrat Pinus sylvestris old leaves
Herbier H.B. 8321a
Localité Sternberg, Gomadingen, Schwäbische Alb, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Leg. H.O. Baral
Det. Piotr Perz
Date de récolte 05-10-2006
Remarque The remarkable mitosporic fungus Xiambola mirabilis was described in 1981 (Folia Geobot. Phytotax. 16: 195-217, 1981). Piotr Perz identified my collection on the basis of this article. Its connection to the teleomorph (?Allophylaria fumosella) is here reported for the first time. Both states grew in close association and have the very same gelatinized excipular structure and the brown-olive warted basal hyphal texture. Regrettably the asci were immature (*90 x 7.7 µm, with croziers), therefore the identity of the teleomorph is not certain. The collection site is an open montaneous Juniperus heath, and I hope that someone rediscoveres the apothecia in a more mature stage. The species seems to be restricted to the autumn. Piotr found the obviously same anamorph on Picea cones in Poland, but without teleomorph.